Dog Rescue Save's Puppy and Provides Prosthetic Paw

One Lucky Dog Rescue changed one puppy's life forever.  One Lucky Dog came to the rescue the pup after she was a victim of a cruel act. "Debbie" the puppy has been through a lot after the nonprofit's rescuers found her lost, hungry and missing a paw in Northwest Miami-Dade last month. "She was underweight. She had a very bloated stomach from parasites and a bacteria she had going on," said One Lucky Dog Rescue Michelle Rodriguez. "You can see her ribs. You can see her hip bones." One Lucky Dog Rescue in Hialeah took in Debbie and got her back to health. She's now happy, healthy and back on all fours, thanks to a few Good Samaritans. "We are really happy to see it, at all speeds. She was able to walk really slow, stop, go and then run," said Around and About Inc. Richard Conrey. Debbie's paw was designed by Around and About, a prosthetic company in Plantation. "So like the real paw, it will lift up as it hits the ground and it will move very similar as she goes faster. It will keep up with her and go faster also," said Conrey. She will no longer limp or wobble as she runs and plays. "Before she was kind of like pushing her body and motioned forward, and it was a real deep limp. Now she is a little bit more stable, and she's running around," said Rodriguez. The prosthetic paw is also designed to prevent her other medical issues she may have endured. "Now, with this prosthesis, it will have a more normal life," said Conrey. Every few months, doctors will fix Debbie's prosthesis until she's fully grown. "It's got a great personality. Its adapted immediately to the prosthesis," said Conrey. If you would like to adopt this beautiful little puppie, click here:  The Georgia Animal Protection Society