Bloggers Wanted For Georgia Animal Protection Society

Bloggers Wanted
The Georgia Animal Protection Society needs volunteers to be authors or bloggers for our website.  In other words "Bloggers Wanted"! If you love animals and have some writing experience, we need you.  This is a great opportunity!  You are able to share your thoughts, content, own website, and news with the community.  We thank you in advance.  Some of the benefits to you are listed.  You will be able to:

  • link to your blog or website
  • post as little or as often as you like
  • build upon your Google Authorship
  • enhance your online reputation
  • help animals through power of voice

Please contact us if you are interested.  We know not everyone enjoys writing.  However most of us use social media.  So we only ask one thing of our animal lovers:

If you are not a writer then we please ask you to SHARE this post with your social media and contacts. Click the Facebook and other buttons at the bottom of this blog post.

Thank You

The Georgia Animal Protection Society